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Bill Thompson is a ‘controversialist’ – at least according to The Guardian – and pioneer of new media in the UK. Founder of The Guardian’s New Media Lab in the mid 1990’s, he ran the world’s first live Webcast from the ICA in 1994, created the first Website for an elected representative within the EU (Anne Campbell, 1995) and ran the first and so far only online debate for the Prime Minister’s Office (Nexus, 1997). Now he writes and talks about this stuff.

The Billblog

Look here for my weblog, which includes my inappropriately named weekly column on technology issues (also available on BBC News Online every Friday).

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Look here to find out where to see or hear me, or check out the 30boxes link in the sidebar.

New Here

I've just added my talk on Web 2.0 and the future of the net to the Talks page


Speaking Out

Talks and presentations of passing interest.

The Rambler

An occasional short essay on life online.

The Controvertist

Longer essays intended to stimulate debate.


My photos on Flickr, for your delight and delectation.


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Email me at or find out what I'm up to or where I came from. You can also read a short biography, 'My Life as a New Media Dog'

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