Copyright and reuse

The copyright in the material on this site is mine, unless I've sold it to some grasping publisher and have put it here hoping they won't notice.

The look and feel of the site - minimal though it is - and the photographs and other images are generally copyright and not for reuse, although most of the stuff I put on Flickr is released under a Creative Commons non-commercial reuse license and the site design is based on the Connections Reloaded v1.5 by Ajay D'Souza, itself derived from Connections.

If you want a photo of me then email me and I'll try to help.

Each piece of writing has its own copyright notice. Basically, shorter pieces are licensed under a Creative Commons license and can be reused for non-commercial purposes as long as they are not edited and are properly attributed, longer pieces are not licensed for reuse - if you want to publish them then contact me.

I believe in copyright, as my contribution to openDemocracy's debate on the future of copyright makes clear. I just don't believe it is an absolute property right and I don't think the law should protect it as such.