Digital Planet

Digital Planet i s a radio programme about technology on the BBC World Service. It launched in the summer of 2001 as 'Go Digital' but was renamed 'Digital Planet' in March 2006.

From its launch in 2001 until the summer of 2005 it was 'radio with pictures' as the show was webcast live each Monday at 1500 GMT. Now we don't have cameras but the podcast is available from the BBC website or via Apple's iTunes. Other aggregators are available.

It is broadcast on World Service radio on Tuesdays. The current schedule (as of November 2005) is:

Australasia: Mon 2306 rpt Tue 0406, 0906, 1606
East Asia: Tue 0206 rpt 0806, 1406
South Asia: Mon 2206 rpt Tue 0606, 1006, 1706
East Africa: Tue 0806 rpt 1406, 2106, Wed 0106
West Africa: Tue 1006 rpt 2206, Wed 0106
Middle East: Tue 0906 rpt Tue 1406, 2006, Wed 0206
Europe: Tue 1006 rpt 1506, 2006, Wed 0206
Americas: Tue 1506 rpt 2206, Wed 0206

. All times are UTC (what we used to call GMT). You can check the schedule on the World Service website